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Our goal is clear – we always strive to achieve excellence in every assignment undertaken, and our greatest asset is having received the recognition and respect of our peers and the customers we have served.

Klein Engineering, PSC has served numerous customers in the public and private sector on important and challenging projects. A summary of recent projects we have had the opportunity to collaborate with are presented below. 


Our core areas of expertise include highway safety analysis and design, surface transportation infrastructure studies and design, traffic operations, civil site design, and construction management.


HRBT Expansion Project

According to VDOT, the Hampton Roads Bridge Tunnel Expansion project is the largest construction project in Virginia’s history.  This transformative transportation project, expected to be completed by November 2025, will widen the current four-lane segments of the 1-64 HRBT corridor in Norfolk and Hampton, and bore new twin tunnels. The expansion will increase capacity, ease major congestion, and enhance travel time reliability. The construction contract, owner’s costs and contingency, brings the project’s total budget to $3.8 billion, making it one of the largest infrastructure projects in the country. See the informational video prepared by VDOT.

Klein Engineering, PSC’s Part

Klein Engineering, PSC (KEPSC) has been collaborating with HRCP as a DBE partner since 2019 in the delivery and submittal of the TMP for the HRBT Expansion Project. The TMP development process has required extensive collaboration between HRCP, VDOT, localities, and federal agencies, due to the extent of the project and its direct impact on residents and visitors who travel on I-64, military facilities in the region, and environmentally sensitive areas, among others. The TMP will continuously facilitate communication, incident management, and stakeholder coordination throughout the construction of this landmark surface transportation infrastructure project. The collaborative effort between VDOT, HRCP, and other stakeholders is leading to a comprehensive document that will promote safety and efficiency during the construction of this complex project.


Interested in Working Together?

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