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AC-230023: Safety Improvements at PR-2, from Km. 67-76.3

Project: AC-230023: Safety Improvements at PR-2, from Km. 67-76.3

Customer:  Puerto Rico Highway and Transportation Authority (PRHTA)

Timeline: Assessments and Preliminary Engineering Report: April to September 2023; Final plans: December 2023

Key Challenge: To improve safety and reduce the number of fatal and serious injury crashes, and provide accessibility to all users.

Solution Approach: Klein Engineering, PSC is working as Prime Consultants to PRHTA for the analysis and design of safety improvements on the segment of State Road PR-2, between Km. 67 and Km. 76.3. The project is part of the Agency’s accelerated safety upgrades which have the goal of providing safer roads for all users.

The project includes the analysis of existing safety hardware, pavement, traffic signals, signage, and striping, among others. Analysis of existing and proposed conditions will be based on methodologies presented in the Highway Capacity Manual, the Highway Safety Manual, and other guidelines.

Key Partners: PRHTA

Results: The project has been progressing per the schedule requested by PRHTA and is expected to be completed on time.