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Emergency Relief – Landslides and Road Damage Evaluations

Project: Emergency Relief –Landslides and Road Damage Evaluations

Customer: Puerto Rico Highway and Transportation Authority (PRHTA)

Timeline: Assessments and Design: August 2018 to December 2019; Services during construction: April 2023-Present

Key Challenge: Klein Engineering, PSC worked as a Prime Consultant for the preparation of Technical Reports, and resulting plans, specifications,and construction estimates (PS&E) for 14 landslides caused by located in roads in seven (7) municipalities of Puerto Rico. KEPSC successfully completed the design of all sites and is currently assisting PRHTA and Eastern Federal Lands during construction, by addressing requests for information (RFI), design revisions, and site visits, among other tasks required by the Agency.

Solution Approach: The landslides that occurred during the passing of Hurricane María through Puerto Rico affected highway safety in rural, mountainous roads of the Island. The work done for PRHTA and FHWA focused on the repairs that will restore conditions of the road and help reduce run-off-the-road and other traffic incidents andprovide infrastructure resiliency for future atmospheric events. The permanent repair of the landslides will be paramount for the safety and accessibility of residents and visitors who travel on the subject roads. The use of innovative technologies like UAS to evaluate sites helped KEPSC work efficiently andquickly in this short-term duration emergency relief project.

Overall Budget: Not Available

Key Partners: PRHTA

Results: Projects designed by KEPSC were among the first to be let by PRHTA. Projects currently under construction are progressing on time to restore safe conditions to travelers.