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EWP – Obstructions / Debris Removal

Klein Engineering, PSC (KEPSC) worked on this emergency relief project with the United States Department of Agriculture – Natural Resources Conservation Service (USDA-NRCS) doing debris-removal and cleaning of water channels in the East, South, and Western regions of Puerto Rico.                

The Challenge: These sites are located at quite a distance from the metropolitan centers and are dispersed throughout different geographic regions, in the East, South, and Western regions of Puerto Rico. Each site required completion within 20 calendar days after receiving Notice to Proceed.  Extensive coordination and deployment of equipment and personnel had to be done to comply with the specified work with extreme time constrains.

How We Helped: The team of KEPSC diligently coordinated all resources and provided continuous communications with the Agency.  Work was done according to specified parameters established by USDA-NRCS and under strict compliance with environmental regulations.  Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) were used to extensively document before and after conditions of each site, and to document compliance with the scope of work.  This technology also provided accessibility to remote locations that would have otherwise posed a safety risk for our team members.

Results: Our team successfully managed and completed these projects in accordance to the scope of work and Agency specifications.  These projects were critical to the neighboring communities and their successful completion helped recover normality to storm-ravaged areas.  The KEPSC team is honored to contribute to the recovery of our communities and to support the relief efforts for those who suffered great losses due to the passing of Hurricane Maria.