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Fajardo Port Assessment and Redevelopment Plan

Project: Fajardo Port Assessment and Redevelopment Plan

Customer: Municipality of Fajardo.

Timeline: Traffic Signal Design: August, 2023 –January, 2024

Key Challenge: Assessing existing infrastructure and potential redevelopment of the Port of Fajardo that will promote economic development and community growth without impacting existing residents and commercial operations in the port’s surroundings.

Solution Approach: In collaboration with Estudios Técnicos, Inc.and BH Architecture, KEPSC performed existing infrastructure field assessments and provided recommendations for their improvementsat the Port of Fajardo, which will be redeveloped by the Municipality. Improvements include the installation of new storm and sanitary sewer systems; installation of a new water pipe to complete a water loop around the project; the installation of a 13kv power line from existing LUMA substation to upgrade the existing 4.8Kv power line; and new street sections and traffic flow patterns.A conceptual design of the recommended improvements was prepared to show routes, aligments and sizes of utilities, as well as traffic flow patterns for municipal streets surroundingthe project.Also, KEPSC prepared opinions of probable cost for each conceptual design. The work was completed on time and met the customer’s expectations.

Key Partners: Estudios Técnicos, Inc. –Prime Consultant; BH Architecture

Results: With this team effort, the Municipality of Fajardo now has clear goals, objectives,and strategies for the redevelopment and revitalization of the Fajardo Portforthe benefit of its citizens, visitors,and the entire community.