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Hato Rey Traffic Signal Design

Project: State Road PR-1 Flashing Beacon Replacement

Customer:  Popular Holdings Inc.

Timeline: Traffic Signal Design: August – September 2023

Key Challenge: Providing a safe crossing facility for pedestrians on a principal arterial and prepare the infrastructure for future modifications based on future multimodal improvements to State Road PR-1.

Solution Approach: Klein Engineering, PSC (KEPSC) has been working with Banco Popular since 2019 on the redevelopment of the Hato Rey downtown area of San Juan. The Bridge Site project is part of Banco Popular’s ongoing redevelopment of its properties, which are aligned with the long-term goals of fostering livability and accessibility to all users in Hato Rey. The design traffic signal will replace an existing flashing beacon to provide safe pedestrian crossing at PR-1. The design is consistent with the future improvements to this principal arterial and provides the necessary infrastructure for the updates that will be needed in the future for this new signal.

Key Partners: Banco Popular de Puerto Rico, PRHTA, V-Architecture

Results: The collaborative effort between Banco Popular, PRHTA, and KEPSC have allowed the redevelopment of Hato Rey continue to progress with milestones like the Bridge Site currently underway.