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I-66 Outside the Beltway Improvements

Klein Engineering, PSC is working as sub-consultant to RK&K in traffic operations analyses during the construction of the improvements to I-66, Outside the Beltway.

The Challenge: Maintaining acceptable levels of service during construction is a key factor for this mega project of significance importance to the people of Northern Virginia and other travelers.

How we helped: The KEPSC team completed microsimulation analyses using Vissim for the I-495 interchange, and Synchro and SimTraffic for the Nutley Street and Chain Bridge Road interchanges. For Nutley Street, the corridor extending from Route 50 to Marshall Road was modeled. For Chain Bridge Road, the analysis covered the corridor the segment between Route 29 and Jermantown Road.

Results: KEPSC completed the operational analyses within the scheduled timeframe and the modeled conditions are currently being implemented as the three (3) intersections are undergoing construction.