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State Road PR-22 Exit 7B

This freeway exit has been a common site for vehicular crashes in the past, including two fatal incidents from 2010-2012. Exit 7B is located at the intersection of Puerto Rico Toll Road 22, also known as José de Diego Expressway, and Puerto Rico State Road PR-165.  PR-22 is part of the Public-Private Partnership (PPP) awarded by the Puerto Rico Highway and Transportation Authority (PRHTA) to Autopistas Metropolitanas, LLC (Metropistas).

As operator of the 84-kilometer long facility, Metropistas is continuously performing safety upgrades along the entire freeway corridor, and KEPSC is proud to be a Consultant under contract with Metropistas. KEPSC was consulted to provide design recommendations for the improvements needed for Exit 7B. After careful consideration, KEPSC recommended the installation of Puerto Rico’s first bull-nose guardrail system, which provided an innovative and cost-effective solution to safety issues the gore area.  Along with the installation of delineators and an innovative pavement markings design, the bullnose guardrail system has not been impacted to date, helping achieve the ultimate goal of saving lives and reducing injuries due to traffic crashes.

PR 22 Exit 7B Bullnose Terminal