KEPSC celebrated its 2023 Annual Meeting!

The team of KEPSC celebrated its 2023 Annual Meeting at the Army Navy Club in Washington, DC on December 15, 2023. It was a great day of learning, sharing, and celebrating a year of significant achievements. The Team also discussed the goals and opportunities for 2024 and the future.

Klein Engineering, PSC thanks Mick Carbo of Carbo Coaching for his time and knowledge. Mick was the guest speaker and trainer for this year’s Annual Meeting and the team engaged positively and dynamically.

“As a leadership coach and trainer, I work with a lot of teams. There are many leaders who say the culture of their team is one of ‘family’, but the teams whose members all share that sentiment are few and far between. Klein Engineering is a team of leaders, and the bond I experienced when working with them at the Annual Meeting was both palpable and remarkable. So much so that they all welcomed me as part of the team, as part of the family. I, and we as a Nation, are blessed to have this group of leaders working behind the scenes to make our roads the safest they can possibly be.” – Mick Carbo.